There You Go

Well, it finally arrived. After almost two weeks, the dry air has returned – to the delight of many who despise the humidity.

Didn’t seem so at first. The sticky air was all over us this morning with dewpoints near 70. But after a few hours of needling from a gentle west wind, we started to knock down the wall. Brick by brick.

High hopes over the next few days as this dry air remains in place and the sun dominates. Sea breezes will be kept to a minimum and mostly focus on Cape Ann tomorrow (possible) and most coastal communities on Friday (very good chance).

Humidity starts a comeback over the weekend, and by Sunday we should be back into the sticky air. Sure, it lasts throughout next week, but let’s not talk about that. It puts a pall over all this nice, dry air over the next few days.

August has been a warm month thus far – to the tune of 2+ degrees above normal. That trend seems to continue into September, but I have yet to sort out the Labor Day forecast. What we’re seeing in the near term is a lack of rain. Only scattered storms in the forecast on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. We’ll be short on all day rains in the next 7-10 days.