These are the top 5 distracted driving behaviors in Boston, according to a new survey

BOSTON (WHDH) - If you have driven on the streets and highways in and around Boston, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that Bay State drivers rank among the most distracted in the United States.

The Zebra asked 2,600 people in 25 cities across the country how often they send text messages, read notifications, answer calls, adjust the radio, check social media, and more during a typical 30-minute drive.

New York City leads the country in distracted driving behavior, according to the survey. Boston checked in at 11th on the list.

The survey also identified the top distracted driving behaviors among motorists. In Boston, the 5 most common behaviors are as follows:

  • 63.4% – read something on a phone or other device
  • 54.8% – texted
  • 50.4% – picked their nose
  • 30.1% – cleaned dashboard or windows
  • 24.7% – put on or take off clothing

Nearly 50 percent of drivers across America admitted to picking their nose while driving and more than a quarter said they have put on or taken off clothing while operating a moving vehicle.

About one in seven drivers have engaged in sexual activity (14.9%), watched a video (14.6%), or smacked a passenger (12.4%) while driving.

Some drivers have tweezed their eyebrows (3.5%), shaved their legs (1.7%), and even changed a child’s diaper while behind the wheel.

For more information on the survey, click here.

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