‘They’re both affected’: Walsh visits EMTs violently attacked outside of Boston courthouse

BOSTON (WHDH) - Mayor Martin J. Walsh paid a visit to the two EMTs who were violently attacked outside of a Boston courthouse Wednesday to wish them well at the hospital.

The EMTs were transporting Julia Tejeda, who Boston EMS Chief James Hooley described as “emotionally disturbed,” when she repeatedly stabbed one EMT before pepper spraying the second near the Edward W. Brooke Courthouse around 4 p.m., prosecutors said.

Both EMTs were transported to the hospital, where the EMT who was stabbed underwent surgery.

“I went over and just passed along my encouragement; thanked both the EMTs for their work and obviously a very difficult situation, particularly with one who was injured pretty seriously, and they’re both effected,” Walsh said. “You get called to a 911 call; you’re there to help somebody and then people turn on you. It’s hard to explain, you can’t really explain that.”

Walsh added that the city needs to continue to invest in programs that help people who are homeless, are mentally ill or have addiction problems.

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