Thief steals Kit-Kat bar from car, leaves note behind

MANHATTAN, Kansas (WHDH) — A Kansas State student said a piece of candy was stolen from his car but the apologetic thief left a note behind.

Hunter Jobbins said he was headed back to his car when he noticed someone had broken into his car. Jobbins said his wallet and cellphone were still there but his Kit-Kat bar was missing. In its place, an apology note was left on a napkin.

“It just said, ‘I saw a Kit-Kat in your cup holder. I love them. I didn’t take anything else from your car. I’m sorry and hungry,'” said Jobbins. “I really got a kick out of that, I thought it was really funny.”

After Jobbins shared the theft on social media, Kit-Kat reached out to him and offered to send candy to replace the stolen Kit-Kat.