Things Change

You know, the only thought that kept running through my mind this week as I was getting progressively disappointed in Mother Nature was, "At least I know we’re headed in the right direction."  It’s not as if we’re watching the weather deteriorate, leading us into a cold season.  Yes, it’s been a long stretch of rainy days (tomorrow will make 8 in a row), but all of that GREY weather is making things GREENER as we move into spring.  Things change… The pattern will eventually break.

The bad news is, we’re in for another round of rain tomorrow for Mother’s Day.  The good news is, it’s not a washout!  The BETTER news is, while it will rain on our Sunday parade for a while, once the parade is over, the sunshine is BACK!  Boom.  In fact, the sun will reveal itself during Mother’s Day.  We just have to wait until the front clears out, showers wrap up, and a breeze kicks in.  We need this front to roll through though, because that’s what it’s going to take to break this cruddy pattern down so we can MOVE on.  

Timeline for showers tomorrow looks to be morning through midday (10a-3p).  The wet weather should clear the coast and move out to sea by 4pm (if not earlier).  After that, we get brighter skies and better attitudes.  I think we’ll even see a few strangers break out of hibernation.  "Oh hey, haven’t seen you in a while.  By the way, have you seen my sunglasses?  I think I’m going to need them this week."

The title of this blog is "Things Change."  Guess what?  The forecast changes, too.  It’s best when it changes in our favor, but I’ll tell you how happy I was when I looked at the model runs today and saw the rain on Wednesday had magically disappeared.  More sunshine in the forecast!  Plus, temps are on the upswing – into the 60s and even 70s next week.  Enjoy, and Happy Mother’s Day!  – Breezy