Third graders give up Christmas party to help those in need

While many of us are celebrating the holidays, a group of third graders are taking the time to give back.

Instead of celebrating the last day of school, the kids devoted their day to helping those in need.

"I just want to give them as much as I can, or as much as we can, so they can just be happy," third grade student Kaleb Reed said. "All the people that come in here don’t have a home. So we tried to help them out, get them some stuff, especially toilet paper."

Over the past few weeks the students have been collecting items to create gift baskets, which were dropped off at Homeward Bound. 

Their teacher, Bretta Haberman, said giving back to the community helps them understand they can make a difference in someone’s life.

"This helps them see really how they can make a change in the Grand Valley or really help people who are less fortunate," Haberman said.

The decision to make the donations was left entirely up to the class, out of the goodness of their own hearts.

"We really want more people the in community to be more safe and comfortable," said third grader Kanoa Featheran.

And in giving back, they’re realizing it’s better to give than to receive. 

"I am glad that we didn’t do the Christmas party,” said Reed. “I’m just really happy that they get what they get." 

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