‘This car has been absolutely fantastic!’: Honda Accord hits 1 million miles

(WHDH) — If you’re considering purchasing a new vehicle, it may be wise to seriously look into the Honda Accord.

Dexter Mills, of Durham, North Carolina, recently shared a photo of his 2000 Accord’s odometer, which indicated it had traveled 999,999 miles.

“I think my car is trying to tell me she is ready to retire,” Mills said in a Facebook post. “This car has been absolutely fantastic!”

Mills, who used to work as an auto technician, says an odd light came on after his car surpassed one million miles but that a diagnostic check showed no abnormalities.

“Once my car went over one million miles, one of the warning lights (never been on before) would intermittently flash,” he said. “A quick diagnostic check didn’t show any abnormalities. I think I got the message.”

Mills says he has often joked about “cars having a mind of their own.”


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