Can you deal with this (heat) or can you deal with that (humidity)? That is the question I propose……personally, for me, I'll take a dry heat any day over a humid day with less heat. Unfortunately for me, the latter is on tap for the next few days. We made a run at 90 on Sunday in Boston but came up just short (89). In fact, the city has yet to reach 90 this year and it looks like we'll go at least another week without flirting with 90. Despite the lack of excessive heat, we still have a stretch of summer humidity. Temps will finish near 80 this afternoon but still the same amount of humidity as yesterday so it may actually feel more uncomfortable than yesterday.

So where & when will the thunderstorms show up? Well….even though it will be warm & humid the next few days there isn't anything to "lift" that air so the storm threat today is very low…western New England will see some isolated storms but over at this end of the region, summer storms are not happening.

By Wednesday, a cool front will plow into southern New England and this front will lift that warm/humid air resulting in a scattering of afternoon showers/t-storms. The day won't be lost to rain & lightning but some minor disruption to outdoor plans is likely Wednesday afternoon. In any event, that front will rid New England of humidity for the second half of the week.



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