Thousands demand action on climate change in Boston

Thousands gathered in Boston Saturday to demand action on climate change on the day that marks President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office.

Protesters rallied at the Boston Common on Saturday afternoon. The demonstration coincided with hundreds of similar protests around the country in what is being called the People’s Climate March.

Organizers and participants focused on how climate change affects all communities, including marginalized groups. Protesters carried signs that read: “We won’t go back,” “Science Trump’s Ignorance,” and “Dump Trump.”

Bethel AME Church Rev. Mariama White-Hammond told the crowd “there is no Planet B.”

Organizers have said the aim is to protest Trump’s efforts to roll back protections for the climate and his assaults on air, water and land.

“There’s no way to get our environment back, so it’s a very dramatic concern,” said demonstrator Renee Bushey.

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