I don’t much sewing these days–my mother showed me how to sew a button years ago but I always remember that phrase–threading the needle—and I’ve heard it numerous times in sports analogies and it works with our upcoming weather pattern.

A huge storm is in the process of setting up shop across southern Canada and this storm will swirl bags of clouds & showers around itself in the coming days. Now…the placement of this storm is key. If that storm had been parked south of New England, then we would have several days of drizzle/rain & temps in the 40s but with the storm in southern Canada we can carve out some dry hours each of the next several days!

Today is starting with clouds, showers and even early morning t-storms but all three depart by noon and the sun makes a return this afternoon. These early morning showers & storms have also been able to scour out the cold, raw feel to the air so plan on afternoon temps in the 60s. Great afternoon for outdoor activities.

Tomorrow, another spoke of moisture rotates around that Canada storm and the timing of the clouds & showers looks to be midday & afternoon so outdoor plans should be focused on the front end of the day. Thursday & Friday are similar in that we start each day with sunshine but clouds win by afternoon. There may be a few sprinkles each of those afternoons but far from washed out and with even limited sun, a west breeze will allow temps to reach the mid 50s–cool but not cold/raw like yesterday.



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