Tips on staying healthy this holiday season

The holidays are packed with so many great foods but that can mean trouble if you’re a diabetic.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are preparing a holiday meal.

Count your carbohydrates. Carbs raise blood sugar, so look at the total number of carbs on the label not just the sugar.

Watch out for fruits, dairy, starchy vegetables and grains.

Watch your salt as well. Soups and broth are usually packed with sodium.

Also, cut down on both saturated and trans fats.

Don’t forget to eat your protein at every meal. Try to choose lean cuts of chicken, fish and pork.

And don’t forget to limit your sugar intake, especially in desserts.

Try fresh fruit or frozen fruit with no added sugar, or with canned fruit in 100 percent fruit juice.

Finally be prepared when you’re going to a potluck to take along a health option.

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