BOSTON (WHDH) — Tom Brady made another appearance on the website “Funny or Die.” But a little name game gets him ticked off.

“Oh come on, tom-mato-soup, shady Brady. What’s with all these nicknames again? ‘Tommy salami…’ ‘I’m not Tommy salami or tom-a-hawk or shady Brady, and I’m not your friend!” said Brady in a skit.

That Dick’s Sporting Goods employee was hoping Brady will impress his new girlfriend’s family, but it didn’t go well. And if you think that curly haired kid looks familiar, it’s because this isn’t his first run in with the Pats quarterback.

“It’s uncanny. Well you don’t have to go knocking it over. ‘I am the guy in the freakin’ standy. I am the gun in the freakin’ standy,” said a Dick’s employee in the commercial.

Pats training camp starts Friday.

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