Tom Brady calls Kobe Bryant a superhero in emotional tribute

(CNN) — A day after Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s memorial service, Tom Brady took to social media to reflect on the basketball star’s impact, writing that Bryant was the “real life superhero our world needs.”

Brady posted a five-paragraph reflection titled “What’s really important?” to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday morning. He begins by saying he’s “deeply affected” by the passing of Bryant and his daughter, and writes that in the tragedy, he has learned so much.

“The world we live in is teaching EVERYONE to fear, to worry, to shame or to give up,” he writes. “And thats the opposite of what Kobe stood for. That’s what made Kobe a real superhero.”

“He spoke about mentality with such conviction, about the idea that if you truly believed in something you could achieve it… you could overcome the obstacles in your path,” he continued. “And not just that, he walked the walk and did the work. He pushed others to find that same confidence.”

Brady finished his reflection with a call to action, writing that, with Bryant gone, it is up to “ALL OF US” to continue his legacy.

“If there is anything I have learned and been inspired by through this tragic event, it is this, SEIZE THE DAY,” he finished. “Thats what Kobe always did, and that’s what he wanted for us too.”

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