Tom Brady focused on family, not Deflategate

HOUSTON (WHDH) – After a long week of practice and addressing the media, the Patriots welcomed their families to Houston on Thursday ahead of Super Bowl LI. In addition to preparing for the Falcons, taking care of family is a priority for Tom Brady.

For Brady and the Patriots, winning the Super Bowl is not just their reward for five months of hard work. It’s not about getting revenge for Deflategate. It’s about rewarding family.

“It’s a big thing for our families,” Brady said. “My wife does everything for the kids in the morning. I’m out of the door by 5 a.m. When you do that for five months it gets tiring for them.”

Brady is set to live out his Super Bowl dream for a record seventh time. With that said, he’s making sure to credit those who have helped him get there.

“You owe so much to your family, your wife, your spouse and the people who support you,” Brady said. “They’re pulling the burden at home for us to live our dream.”

Brady said he has developed a pregame routine that allows him to acknowledge his family.

“I know where my family kind of sits. I scout that out,” Brady said. “When I go out in pregame and I look around, I try to make some eye contract to let them know I’m looking at them.”

At age 39, Brady has a different perspective on football and family than his younger teammates.

“Our dream is important, but it’s not their dream. They are sacrificing their love for what we do. You want to be able to reward them as well. That’s why it makes it such a special game,” Brady said.

Brady would like to reward his family and everyone in New England with a fifth Lombardi trophy.

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