Tom Brady helps woman in fight against cancer

(WHDH) — New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is doing what he can to help out a fan from Los Angeles who needs to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Brady shared her story on social media, bringing increased attention to the cause.

“It was so incredible. It was one of those moments that was kind of surreal,” Krissy Kobata said.

Kobata, who is battling cancer, is in need of a bone marrow transplant by the fall.  The problem is that her mixed-race heritage makes it hard to find a match.

Nearly 10 million volunteers have tried to match with Kobata, but none of them worked out.

To do his part in helping Kobata’s fight, Brady shared her story on Facebook thanks to his agent and Kobata’s friend, Don Yee.

“Out of the blue, I guess it was Tuesday, he just forwarded me Tom Brady’s Facebook link,” Kobata said. “The minute I opened it, I was like oh my gosh.”

Kobata says she’s very thankful for Tom’s help.

“You’re fans of them, and they seem so far away and untouchable, but the fact that he took time out of his day to do a little post was so meaningful,” said Kobata.

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