Tom Brady’s mom dealing with health issues

Houston, TX (WHDH) — Tom Brady was nearly brought to tears on opening night of Super Bowl week, showing a softer side when talking about his dad.

He may have also been thinking about his mom, who has been fighting through health issues for the past year and a half.

“I think there’s different emotions,” said Brady, “every season this year, my mom hasn’t been to a game this season, my dad has been to one, its atypical. They’re gonna be here this weekend, which I’m excited about and it’s gonna be nice to see everybody.  And I got a big crew coming.”

Family comes first for Brady and after a year of overcoming adversity on and off the field, he hopes to give his extended family something to celebrate.

“Well you know, you just have different things that your family goes through and of course your life,” said Brady, “challenging year for my family, just for some personal reasons, would be nice to have everyone here watching us.”


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