Top 10 most common puppy names for 2019 revealed

(WHDH) — Trupanion has revealed its list of the top 10 most common puppy names in 2019.

The medical insurance provider for cats and dogs says it combined its database of over 500,000 pets to find out what the most popular puppy names were.

Trupanion says it also looked at puppy names from a historical perspective. Luna topped the puppy name chart this year but that wasn’t always the case.

Looking back 10 years, Luna was barely a blip on the name game chart, not even cracking the list of top 20 names, according to Trupanion.

The name Bella took a dip in 2017 and 2018 but climbed back into the second spot this year.

The most common names are as follows:

10. Oliver

9. Bear

8. Daisy

7. Max

6. Cooper

5. Lucy

4. Bailey

3. Charlie

2. Bella

1. Luna

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