LYNDONVILLE, V.T. (WHDH) — "It doesn't happen here this is what you see on tv,” said Danielle Altman.

But it did.

A collision of metal, wheels and flying papers was the scene that played out in front of Danielle Altman's eyes.

"I looked out the door just in time to see the backend of the truck come flying down the tracks,” said Altman.

Caught by surveillance cameras at M & M beverage, a tractor trailer carrying recoiled papers sped through flashing train signals smashed into a train, and skidded along route 5 in Lyndonville. Police, firefighters, and town crews responded

"When I arrived on scene, I found a 53 foot box trailer split in half,” said Police Chief, Jack Harris.

The back of the truck was ripped off by the engine, spilling its load of recoiled papers.

No one was injured but the trailer came dangerously close to M & M’s diesel pumps.

"Luckily the pitch of their driveway kept the truck from hitting the pumps."

"And it is scary, ‘cause that would've created a huge explosion and I mean it would've been a nightmare for us."

"He didn't even slow down and yield, he didn't look, he didn't, he just barreled right through,” said Altman.

Altman can breathe easy, knowing her place of business is safe but Chief Harris sees this as a warning for future drivers.

"It's up to the people to pay attention to the lights and try and not beat the train ‘cause it doesn't always work,” said Chief Harris.

The truck driver claimed he didn't see the flashing signals because he was distracted by another car.

But police said after viewing surveillance tape — they don't see anything that might've taken his attention away from the road.

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