FALL RIVER, MASS. (WHDH) - A trash truck went up in flames Tuesday in Fall River.

A video recording showed orange flames shooting out of a truck doing its regular garbage pick-up.

Natalie Ferreira, who saw the truck on fire, said, “I was hearing a popping noise, and by the time I got outside, the cab was already engulfed.”

Ferreira grabbed her cellphone and recorded what she could, but firefighters told her to push back.

Daryl Perkins, who was evacuated from his house, said, “They were banging on the door saying we have to leave the house so we were all evacuated and we ran down the street.”

Firefighters say the blaze started in the back of a 2014 trash truck owned by a private company.

It jumped to three cars, totaling a Toyota Corolla, burning the back of a Dodge Ram, and popping the rear lights of a Honda Odyssey.

The heat also melted the vinyl siding on two apartment homes and broke a window on a third.

People inside those houses say they could feel the fire in their apartments.

“I’m a Florida man, and I like my heat,” said Johnny Fuller, who was evacuated. “It just kept getting hotter than it’s normally supposed to be.”

There were no reported injuries.

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