Travel ban prevents Ethiopian refugee from joining Maryland foster family

GREENBELT, Md. (WHDH) — A teenage boy from Ethiopia has been prevented from joining his new foster family in Maryland due to President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Joe and Carissa Ralbovsky said they have been preparing for taking someone in for about a year, partnering with a non-profit social service group to help them. The 17-year-old was supposed to arrive in Maryland on June 26, the same day the Supreme Court set guidelines that allow the travel ban to take effect.

“This Muslim ban is, in my opinion, the result of a ‘pull the ladder up behind us’ kind of thinking.” said Joe Ralbovsky.

The travel ban prevents people from six majority Muslim countries without a visa or close relatives already in America from entering the country. It also puts a moratorium on refugees entering the country. While supporters said it is a matter of national security, Ralbovsky said their son is not a threat.

“They’re not looking to bring violence, they’re looking to escape violence,” said Rolbovsky.

The Supreme Court is giving Hawaii until noon on Tuesday to respond to Trump’s motion to apply his travel ban after a judge ruling prevented it from going into full effect.

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