KANSAS CITY, Missouri (KCTV) — Going to the Super Bowl year after year will get you a fair share of haters. This week, they’re focusing on the moment Travis Kelce threw Justin Tucker’s helmet out of the way in Baltimore.

The Ravens kicker decided he wanted to set up in the end-zone, where the Chiefs were warming up.

Carlie Ellett, the wife of Porter Ellett, assistant running backs coach for the Chiefs, came to Kelce’s defense and went viral.

“People were saying some not-nice things, so I decided I needed to chime in,” Ellett said.

Ellett went to TikTok and posted a video explaining the time Kelce bought her husband a pair of shoes back in 2017.

“He and Travis really bonded over their love of shoes, particularly Nikes and Jordans,” Ellett said.

But the meaning of the story runs deeper than the laces.

“One day after practice, Porter and a number of the guys on the team were talking about the Marty McFly self-lacing shoes that Nike had released previously,” Ellett said.

Ellett said the team joked around, saying the self-tying shoes would be perfect for her husband because he only has one arm.

“After they released the Marty McFly shoes, Nike came out with its own technology of self-lacing Nike Shoes,” Ellett said.

Guess who went the extra mile for his fellow sneaker-head?

“Travis, very quietly, after listening in to that conversation, went to our equipment manager and found out Porter’s shoe size, went to his rep at Nike, and had two different sets of self-tying shoes sent to the facility,” Ellett said. “He had them in Porter’s locker when he went down one day to shower.”

It’s something that meant so much to the Ellett family, and now they want to show it to the world the kindness from Kelce.

“I think it shows who he is on the podcast is also who he is in the locker room—just an all-around funny, really good thoughtful guy,” Ellett said. “I think people like to hear the behind the scenes, what they are like in their personal lives.”

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