Tree crashes through roof of home in Hingham

A family had a close call during Tuesday’s snowstorm when a tree came crashing down on their house in Hingham.

Brett Holm said he was making lunch for his two young children at around noon in their house on Pioneer Road when he heard a loud crack.

“I heard the crack and I looked out the window and saw the top of the tree sliding off the roof and onto the ground,” said Holm.

The massive pine tree crashed into the house and went through the attic before landing in the bedroom of Holm’s 2-year-old daughter, nearly crushing her crib. Holm said everyone was downstairs at the time and no one was injured. His daughter was just an hour away from her naptime.

“We are relieved, just very thankful, just hope no one else gets to experience this,” said Holm’s wife, Lauren Holm.

The family, who only moved into the house a few months ago, are staying with relatives Tuesday evening. All the utilities have been shut down to the house.

“Of course you don’t expect anything like this to happen but that’s why you have homeowner’s insurance, I guess, right?” said Lauren Holm.

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