Odd little weather system that went through today. The band of snow with the weather system was long gone by the time I got in this afternoon, but just after it departed, the ocean effect snow got its grubby little hands all over the South Shore.

The end is near for these ocean effect snows, however…at least for tonight. The winds will go light and the snow will turn to flurries and clouds. However, the moisture remains in place over the next few days, and the forecast hangs in the balance across Northeast Mass and SE New Hampshire/Southern Maine.

What we’re seeing evolve both tomorrow and Thursday is a Norlun Trough. It’s a localized setup that creates heavy snow in a very narrow band (typically). Whenever these things arise, I sense a “Ring Around The Rosie” forecast, because where she stops nobody knows. Historically, it favors accumulating snow across Maine, but these things have been known to put down snow in NH and Mass. The weather models, for as good as they’ve become, still can’t pin these things down in a particular spot. In the morning they show the snow over Maine. In the evening over Cape Ann and the Seacoast of NH. One thing’s for sure: the focus for accumulating snow will shift out of the South Shore.

(Collective cheers from the South Shore.)

We’re also not that cold. Temps will hover in the mid and upper 20s for the next two days as the arctic air remains out of the picture.

Then long range, another weather system (I hate to call it a storm, since it looks like a warm front to me) comes out of the west and south. Warmer origins, warmer result? That’s what I’m thinking with that 41 degree day on the 7 day forecast. We’ll see if it has staying power.




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