Trooper jumped into action to stop dangerous fugitive

MEDFORD, MASS. (WHDH) - The dangerous fugitive who was on the run, James Morales, was finally stopped thanks in part to the bravery of two Massachusetts State Troopers on Thursday.

The entire state of Massachusetts was on high alert, and trooper Joseph Merrick was ready to jump into action and put an end to a week-long manhunt.

“At the beginning of the shift we were notified that the subject could be in the area, so myself and Cain along with the other troopers were in the area, we got the call that we were waiting for, the bank robbery,” said trooper Merrick.

“As I proceeded down Route 28, I saw the suspect which I believed to be the escapee from Rhode Island. After a foot chase, a couple fences, I was able to get him into custody with help of two Somerville detectives,” he added.

Trooper Merrick was helped by fellow trooper, Brendan Cain. Trooper Cain commended the word of his colleague.

“He did an incredible job,” said trooper Cain. “I mean he’s clearly an in-shape kid over here, just it was an all-around great job,” he added.

The trooper remained humble while being hailed a hero.

“It feels great that we were able as a team, us and Somerville, along with the other troopers, able to get him in custody without any violence,” said trooper Merrick.

The troopers say Morales was reasonably cooperative once he was put in the patrol car.

Morales is due in federal court on Friday.

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