FRAMINGHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - The fallout against Massachusetts State Trooper Michael Proctor could impact the other cases he helped investigate, including the murder of Ana Walshe.

There’s been speculation that Proctor’s misconduct was a contributing factor in the hung jury that led to the Karen Read mistrial. Proctor played a key role in Walshe’s case. Legal experts say the malfeasance issue could jeopardize every case he’s had his hands on.

“Those defense attorneys are going to be looking to find ways to discredit that investigation that was led by Proctor,” said 7News law enforcement expert Todd McGhee.

Court records show Proctor signed the criminal complaint when the Cohasset mother’s husband, Brian Walshe, was charged with her murder.

State Police relieved Proctor from duty Monday after the Read case ended in a mistrial. Proctor testified in early June that he sent vulgar and inappropriate text messages about Read while serving as the lead investigator looking into John O’Keefe’s death.

“Those types of violations being investigated by the internal affairs will apply to other cases,” McGhee said.

McGhee, a former state trooper, said Proctor’s malfeasance in the Read case is cause for concern in the Walshe case. Every form he signed and every piece of evidence he touched will be subject to scrutiny.

Court records also show Proctor served the search warrant on the Walshe home, where several dozen pieces of possible evidence were collected.

Proctor’s behavior also could jeopardize any other homicide case he’s been involved with.

“Based on the scrutiny of Trooper Proctor’s conduct, they are up for consideration to possibly be retried,” McGhee said.

McGhee said credibility is a precious resource in policing, and hard to regain once lost.

“I’m confident that Colonel [John] Mawn will get out in front of this, I’m confident that the department leadership will take a hard look at all the different areas where the State Police may have fallen short,” McGhee said.

McGhee said another potential consequence for Proctor would be being placed on a Brady List — a list of police officers that have documented cases or issues that call their credibility into question. In some cases, it disqualifies them from being called as witnesses in court.

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