Trucks caught doing wheelies on N.M. highway

A group of pickup drivers brought traffic to a standstill in New Mexico as they did donuts on the highway.

The trucks took over I-25 Tuesday afternoon, putting on a show and forcing drivers out of the way.

Police said they got seven 911 calls from witnesses and some people sent in video of the trucks. Others sent in license plate numbers of the trucks and police believe at least one of the trucks had been stolen.

"If you’re gonna steal a car, maybe keep it under the radar and don’t be doing donuts in the middle of I-25 at four in the afternoon," said Tanner Tixier of the Albuquerque Police Department.

Police said one of the suspects crashed into a car eventually, before pulling a gun on the driver and then speeding off. Police said they hope to find the drivers fast, especially since they have so much video of the trucks.

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