Trump offers condolences to May on London attack

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump has offered his condolences to British Prime Minister Theresa May following the deadly attack in London.

The White House says the president praised the response of security forces and first responders and pledged “the full cooperation and support” of the U.S. government “in responding to the attack and bringing those responsible to justice.”

“We obviously condemn today’s attack in Westminster, which the United Kingdom is treating as an act of terrorism and we applaud the quick response from the British police and the first responders made to the situation,” said White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

The White House says the two spoke by phone after a vehicle mowed down pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge. Around the same time, a knife-wielding attacker stabbed a police officer and was shot on the grounds outside Britain’s Parliament. The compound is in lockdown.

The head of counterterrorism at London’s Metropolitan Police has said that four people have died in what has been labeled a terror incident, including an attacker and a police officer.

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted condolences to the city of London:

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