Trump praises L.L. Bean heiress for donation

President-elect Donald Trump is praising L.L. Bean heiress Linda Bean for donations that helped his campaign and he’s encouraging people to continue shopping there.

The founders of (hash)GrabYourWallet have called for a boycott of the Maine-based retailer after The Associated Press reported that Bean contributed to a pro-Trump political action committee.

The company has sought to distance itself from Bean, noting that her political activity doesn’t speak for the other nine board members and 50 family owners.

The PAC originally reported Bean donated $60,000. It has since revised the figure to $30,000.

The Federal Election Commission says Bean made excessive contributions to the PAC, which was limited to individual contributions of $5,000 in a single year.

Trump’s tweet Thursday thanks Linda Bean “for your great support and courage.” He ended by saying, “Buy L.L. Bean.”

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