Trump rally addresses Affordable Care Act and Clinton’s emails

PHOENIX, ARIZONA (AP) — Presidential Candidate Donald Trump appeared in Phoenix Arizona Saturday night.

The Republican candidate wasted no time hammering the Affordable Care Act.

Last week the Obama Administration said the cost of mid level plans in the state would increase by 116 percent on average.

Trump said he would stop the rate increases and under his plan people would pay a “tiny fraction” of what they are paying now.

The crowd roared when Trump started talking about Clinton’s emails.

Friday FBI Director James Comey announced that he planned to review newly discovered emails he says may be pertinent to their investigation into Clinton’s handling of classified documents.

Trump claimed Hilary set up the server to hide her conduct.

Back in July, Comey called Clinton and her teams handling of the emails careless, but he never referred to Clinton’s access as criminal or illegal.

And he concluded the Department of Justice not pursue criminal charges against the Democratic nominee.


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