Trump’s historic win shattering norms of traditional politics

WASHINGTON (WHDH) - Donald Trump is the first person, since Dwight Eisenhower, to have never held office and become President elect.

Trump began his campaign in June of 2015, from Trump Tower in New York City.

Within a month the first poll showed him as a front runner, ahead of Jeb Bush.

Trump was openly opposed by the Republican establishment and feuded with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

He lost the Iowa Caucus in February to Ted Cruz, but had his first win in the New Hampshire Primary, which was followed by victory in the South Carolina Primary.

Trump rallies drew huge crowds to arenas and high school gyms, who embraced Trump’s slogan of “”Make America Great Again.”

In May, Trump became the presumptive nominee when Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the race.

In all, he defeated 16 others vying for the Republican nomination.

In the end, Trump was able to overcome it all and defeat Hilary Clinton to come President elect.



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