TSA administrator to address questions at House Homeland Security hearing

TSA administrator Peter Neffenger will be answering questions during the House Homeland Security hearing.

He is set to discuss the cause of the long lines as people wait to go through security screenings at airports.

Neffenger is also expected to talk about solutions to the problem.

Earlier this week, the TSA announced the replacement of its head of security and created a centralized command team at the agency’s headquarters.

A new pilot program that is designed to cut down on wait times is being tested in Atlanta.

Some lanes will now feature automated equipment.

There are also more stations for passengers to unload their belongings.

The pilot program also includes several specific changes. These changes include separate conveyor belts for suspicious bags, and having baggage bins automatically recirculate after going through the security machine. There will also be designated areas for passengers to remove their shoes, so they wont’ have to do so while in line.

If successful, the program could go into place at other airports across the country.

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