Been a great string of days lately. Fresh mornings – with just a tinge of nippy air – and mild afternoons. Drop it about 10 degrees in the morning and we’ll have the perfect recipe for brilliant fall foliage.

But that’s not the intent of this afternoon’s blog passage: the change of course in the forecast is.

All week long, we’ve been touting the sun, dry air and mild temps. Then this little weather system showed up on the weather maps and changed everything. At first, it seemed the burly high pressure system currently over us would squash the showers and disperse the clouds, but instead the high steps out of the way (temporarily) and lets this thing creep in and slowly fizzle out. (This second part is key because it may stretch into the first part of the weekend.)

Any time of the year, onshore winds can hem in the clouds and keep the temperatures cool. This setup – even in August – is no exception. Our winds turn east and stay there through Saturday – hence the cloud conundrum.

After this system unravels, the same high pressure will rebuild into New England and stabilize the weather: next week it’s back to the 70s and sun. It might even get above normal (gasp) late next week.


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