Turnabout Is Fair Play

It was probably in the back of your mind as you enjoyed the 70s today. 

"Is this the last time we’ll be this warm?"

That’s always a tough question to answer as a meteorologist. Especially when you look at the weather record for October: record highs have hit the 80s through Halloween.

However, this year, we may not have much of a chance to push the heat in New England. A pool of cold air has been tenaciously holding on around Hudson Bay over the past couple of weeks. Check out the maps to the right: both show the violet and blue colors (below normal temperatures in the mid levels of the atmosphere) hovering near New England. When it’s not here, it’s to our northwest, a simple cold-front-away from falling in our laps. 

So with this piece of information, any warmups will be brief and/or fleeting. Hard to establish a long-term warm spell in these kinds of conditions.

In the short term, the cool air wins the day…or days. Plan on below normal temperatures through Saturday, with a run into the 60s on Sunday for the Pat/Jets game. Not a bad outcome for late October – especially if you were fretting over a cold afternoon when you bought your tickets in July.

New on the horizon: the potential for a good soaking rain. Pattern gets more energetic as a sizable storm system barrels in late in the week. Potential for some significant wind and at least an inch of badly needed rain.

Fingers crossed.