Turnaround…in Short Order

Finally, Mother Nature got in step with the season and brought us to the 50s today. Some spots even hit the low 60s as the sun broke through the clouds after lunch. 

And for the first time in 122 days, Boston was in that category. We hit 61 at 2:14 this afternoon!! Glorious sun this afternoon almost made the 4 month wait worth it.

But you’d be wise not to get used to it. 

Although tomorrow sees a surge to the mid/upper 60s the pattern is hardly switching to a warmer spring phase. This is merely a blip on the screen in terms of a warmup and as a vigorous weather system slingshots through Saturday, we’ll return to the “normal” cold and blustery air on Easter Sunday.

That typed, I’d rather not trample over the niceties in the forecast for tomorrow. Southwest winds will carry in the 60s – along with a tinge of humidity. Showers will break in the morning and not return until late Friday night. But like today, it’s the convincing sun that makes all the difference. The “real feel” of the afternoon will be well into the 70s – with the usual exceptions: Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod and the Islands where the wind off the cold ocean keeps temperatures in the 50s and the “feel” in the 40s.

Saturday was looking like a wild mess, but now that weather system is screaming along and the showers will be out in the morning, returning us to sun by late morning and early afternoon. Blustery and chilly though, highs only near 50.

Decent too for Easter Sunday. Sun will give in to clouds as we set the table for a long spell of wet, damp weather. 

I know you’re probably not in the mood to discuss it, but the setup next week has overtones of that old Steven King novel:

Onshore wind, heavy clouds, cold temps and plenty of wet weather. Before you moan, ask yourself: do we want to do this now or in May or June?