It’s official! First September heat wave in 32 years for Boston. From Monday to today, our highs were 93, 96 and 93. (Did you notice that 3 degree drop today?) 

While we’re all about the records, the numbers game and the heat, we are also focused on the fact that this is the end of the line for the hot weather.

As far as the warm season is concerned? Well, I’m not ready to say we’ve seen the last of the 90 degree days. There’s always that chance for a random 90 degree day in mid/late September….or October. (Had one on the 12th of October in 1954.) But I’m OK with saying that this the most likely the last heat wave of the season. 

Now onto the next chapter. It includes cooler temperatures, more clouds and a good slug of rain.

OK, maybe a few slugs.

A cool front is approaching from the west. It will slow to a crawl tomorrow, and then temporarily stall over Eastern Massachusetts. The precise location where it stalls is both critical and difficult to pin down. Critical because it will be the "hot zone" for the heaviest rain. Difficult to pin down because they always are — when the steering currents go limp.

All told, 1-2 inches (with isolated 2"+) of the good stuff could fall as this front runs out of gas. Don’t get too hung up on the placement of that heavy rain in the map to the right. It’s more important to focus on the numbers (and even then they are a little inflated). Any way you slice it, that’s a good shot in the arm for the lawns, gardens and woods of New England, and may be just what the doctor ordered to save us from a dull foliage season. 

Unfortunately, it also means a wet football game at Gillette. Not torrential rain every minute of the game, but certainly a threat throughout the game of a passing downpour. Nevertheless..

Play ball!

And gooooo PATS!!!!!!!!


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