Two Down & One To Go

 August 1st (Rabbit Rabbit). Hard to believe that summer is 2/3 over and the knock I have on August is the dwindling daylight. Over the next 31 days we lose over an hour of daylight (1 hour & 16 minutes to be exact). Still plenty of summer in front of us but the Earth is tilting back the vernal equinox.

As for the first day of August–and first weekend of August–we have some issues. It’s a weak area of Low Pressure that heads this way during the day. Plan on an increase in clouds and even a few isolated showers popping up this afternoon. Nothing severe or even heavy just a random shower. the shower threat is minimal at the beaches, decent beach day.

Onto the weekend! This little storm of ours is with us both days but neither day is washed out. Tomorrow starts with a batch of rain across the region with most of it focused across southeast Mass. As we step into the afternoon I think the shower threat is confined to just the Cape/Islands. Pan-Mass challenge will be challenging at times with the showers scattered across the region.

Sunday we still have this weak storm with us but again…weak being the operative word. Look for mostly cloudy skies and only a few isolated showers. I think the Cape/islands stand the highest chance of seeing the isolated showers. the rest of us are dry despite all the clouds.

Looking into early next week our pattern may try to warm up with temps making a run into the mid 80s for a few days (still no 90 degree heat in sight!)

Have a great weekend!