2 MBTA contractors fired after refusing to let blind man through gates

BOSTON (WHDH) - Two MBTA contractors are off the job after a confrontation at a T stop that appears to show them roughing up a blind man.

The two employees, who are Customer Service Ambassadors, confronted a blind man. They blocked him from getting on the platform at the Chinatown T stop, pushed him and even tossed his cane.

Jerry Tolbert is the man shown in the surveillance video. He is legally blind.

Tolbert said he accidentally got off at the wrong stop Thursday morning, went past the gates and was trying to get on another train. He said one of the employees did not believe him.

Tolbert said the confrontation was unnerving because riding the T is always stressful for him.

The two employees who confronted him were promptly fired.

MBTA officials released a statement that reads in part: “The MBTA is deeply saddened by the contractors’ completely unacceptable behavior and the T moved immediately to ensure these individuals were terminated.”

Tolbert was finally able to get on a train thanks to a Transit Police officer who stepped in.

He says he still doesn’t understand why he was treated so poorly.

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