Two people found guilty in Saugus Snapchat assault trial

Two people have been found guilty in connection with a sexual assault captured and shared on the smartphone app Snapchat.

Rashad Deihim, 21, and Kaylin Bonia, 20, each faced eight counts that included assault, intent to rape and kidnapping. The duo was charged after prosecutors said they sexually assaulted their 16-year-old friend on a couch in the woods behind a Saugus elementary school back in September 2014.

The victim testified that she took pills and shared a bottle of vodka with the defendants, but doesn’t remember much after that, except waking up in the hospital.

The verdict came down Tuesday. Deihim was found guilty of all charges. Bonia was found guilty on all charges except posing a child in a state of nudity. Deihim’s bail was revoked and the judge ordered him into custody. Bonia previously had her bail revoked and was already in custody. None of the charges carry a minimum mandatory sentence.

One other teen pleaded guilty earlier this year to filming the assault after a friend of the victim saw footage posted to Snapchat.





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