Two women and child used Uber driver’s vehicle as getaway car in AZ

(WHDH) — Two women and a child in Mesa, Arizona used an Uber driver’s vehicle as a getaway car.

Tony Bafaloukos, the Uber driver, was called to an apartment complex he had been to several times before.

He picked up two women and a child, who were telling him to drive away quickly.

Bafaloukos noticed a man coming out of the apartment as they started to pull away.

A minute or so later, Bafaloukos was stopped by several police. The officers got out of their cruisers with their guns pointed towards Bafaloukos and the three passengers.

“I immediately start yelling at the women.. what the hell did you get me into?” Bafaloukos said.

Bafaloukos and the women were all handcuffed.

It turned out that police had warrants to arrest one of the women. She is being charged with aggravated assault.

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