A 75-year-old Texas woman is recovering in the hospital after she survived 48 hours in a ravine following a car crash.

"It was a big curve there and I thought that there was an animal or something out in the road and I didn't want to hit it and I swerved," said Wanda Mobley.

Mobley's car flipped over after she swerved and she landed in a ditch off of a highway. For the next 48 hours, she remained trapped.

"I just had to wait, someone was going to find me, I was confident in that," said Mobley. "I sat there a little bit and I thought alright, now you've got to do something."

To keep herself alive, Mobley drank pond water and cans of Sprite. By Sunday, she was rescued by her grandson-in-law. He was able to find her by the pings from her cellphone. 

Mobley was hospitalized with a crushed vertebrae, bruises and a scrape on her arm.

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