The battle of transitioning out of the cold winter months, and into the summer in New England can feature weather that’s all over the place.  Or essentially, what we call Spring.  Today, was a classic example of that as full sunshine started the day, then the instability of the daytime heating providing us with building clouds and scattered showers.  Most showers barely lasted more than a couple minutes, but one or two potent ones lingered a bit longer.  One of the more potent storms to pop even dropped some small hail in spots. The good folks on twitter in Needham, Milton, West Roxbury and Hyde Park provided a few of those hail updates.  Thanks to that, I always appreciate the reports, and you’re always welcomed to send them in to me, @clamberton7.  Not only did we have the scattered showers, but also the gusty wind, frequently surpassing the 30mph mark.

Any isolated shower or storm fades out this evening, and winds slowly subside a bit.  Temps tonight fall back into the 40s.  The instability the next couple of days is not as high as what we saw today, so any shower that pops Monday and Tuesday afternoon is few and far between.  Although it’s breezy Monday, the wind is not as strong as it was today, and winds are even lighter Tuesday.  All and all, pretty good weather to start the week.

Longer range, I have rain drops on the 7day from Thursday afternoon, into the weekend.  It WILL NOT rain the entire time, however, as warm and cold fronts move in and out of New England in this time frame, temps will vary, and occasionally we’ll track batches of showers along those front.  Friday looks to be the coolest day with an onshore breeze.  Best chance of rain Saturday is early, best chance on Sunday is late in the day.  Be good to mom!  Lots of flowers and good food!

Hope you had a great weekend.  I enjoyed meeting many of you at the Walk For Hunger this morning on the Boston Common!

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