BOSTON (WHDH) — There are unforeseen benefits of tablet computers, like the iPad.

The technology can be used for more than just staying connected with friends – it’s also a valuable tool for children with speech and communication problems.

Tanya Durham watches her daughter work through her weekly speech therapy session.

These sessions are about more than being right – they’re about making progress.

Speech therapists have been working with Samya for several years and recently added the iPad as a tool.

“Originally when we would target some of these goals, we would use pen and paper, or flash cards, or materials that we make or purchase. But now that you can get the iPad, I can go on and find a free app that might be targeting exactly what I need in therapy,” said speech therapist Samantha Litz.

Samaya was born five weeks premature and has been in therapy most of her life.

“She has come a long way with speech therapy even though the iPad is used for her for speech therapy it also helps her with coordination being able to point to things and using her fingers and stuff,” said her mother Tanya Durham.

“That is where today’s lifestyle is going we are just building on the technology that we already have,” said Litz.

While Samya was a little shy in her interview – the benefits of her work with Samantha were obvious by many things, including the smile the lessons bring to her face.

If you use key words like “learning to write” “colors” or “counting” you can find free apps for your own iPad, to help your child with communication and speech.

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