We barely made it through the weekend rain-free…whew..close call. A front to our west was running slow yesterday which prevented any showers/storms from reaching us during the daytime but now that front is on top of us and is running even slower. In fact, it’s just about stalled.

This stalled front poses problems for us as it will lurk for hours and take advantage of the heat & humidity we have on tap. Showers & storms will be in the forecast but they will be scattered in nature and not pop until the afternoon hours. Temps reach the low 80s before the storms arrive.

More of the same for tomorrow and again Wednesday as this front doesn’t really move between now & then. It may sound as washout weather but that’s not the case–especially today–as there will be some sun around the area for several hours this morning & early afternoon. In terms of rainfall, this type of tropical pattern usually results in rainfall tally’s between 2-3″ by the time the weather breaks (Wednesday PM) and no different this time around.

If this is vacation week, no worries as drier & much more comfortable weather returns by late Wednesday afternoon & is with us into the upcoming weekend.


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