While it’s not the kind of news everyone gets excited about, we are inching closer and closer to fall.  Today’s temps were very close to normal for this time of year, but relatively cool when compared to our 90° days last week!  At least we had the sun to warm our backs today – though, the sun is setting earlier and earlier these days.  Tonight’s sunset is at 7:00pm… Yup.  We’re burnin’ daylight!

The wet weather makes a return for us tomorrow, or really, overnight tonight.  Clouds have already moved in and western Mass. is already getting wet.  If your plans are taking you outside late tonight, it looks like we’ll stay dry in MetroWest until after midnight.  The bulk of tomorrow’s wet weather will come in two waves; the first will be during the wee-hours of Sunday morning, and the second comes during the afternoon and evening.  We can’t rule out the possibility of some localized downpours and thunderstorms, though nothing looks severe.  Really, tomorrow is just a perfect day to stay on the couch and enjoy some football (though, I won’t be telling my husband that).  :c)

This system comes along with a cold pool of air that will settle in for Monday.  The start of the work week will be very fall-like with a cool breezy, highs in the upper 60s and low 70s, and even a chance of showers N & W of 495.  Don’t get too used to the boots and scarves!  Summer will make a return for the rest of the week.  How "summer-like" are we talking here?  I get it, while we’d love to squeeze in some more beach time, I don’t think there are many that would enjoy revisiting 90° temps and high humidity!  Next week’s summer set-up really is the perfect kind:  Low to mid 80s, low humidity, and sunshine.  I’m so excited for this forecast that I’m considering writing a musical about it.  -Breezy

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