No need to beat around the bush or sugar coat this thing……crummy weather the next four days across southern New England. It’s been a while since we’ve seen weather like this—-from May 20-28th we had a similar stretch of rainy weather. We won’t have 8 straight days of rain & drizzle but rain-free weather doesn’t return until Saturday.

The reason for the rinse & repeat weather is a slow moving storm. It’s forming south of New England as I blog. The jet stream will really buckle (something that is likely to happen a lot this winter snow lovers) and this buckling jet stream will pop a storm and prevent it from leaving anytime soon. Our first day of unsettled weather offers clouds and just some scattered showers. The showers could be locally heavy so where you get hit–thinking best chance is I-95 east to the coastline—you may end up with .5″ of rain by evening but most towns see less than .1″ and are dry for much of the day.

Tomorrow & Thursday will be the brunt of the storm with bands of steady to even heavy rain tomorrow afternoon into Thursday morning. Coastal wind will be an issue but not enough for wind damage. Look for a raw northeast wind between 15-30mph Wednesday afternoon-evening. In terms of rainfall, it looks like much of southern New England ends up with 1-2″ of rain by midday Thursday but along & north of the MA Pike and up into northeast MA/coastal NH plan on 2-3″ of rain (southern ME is likely to receive 3-5″ of rain!)

Lingering showers are likely Friday morning before drier air arrives by Friday night-weekend.

Grab that umbrella–you’ll need it.


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