Upcoming Cops for Kids with Cancer event benefits families in need

MARSHFIELD, MASS. (WHDH) - Police officers and pediatric patients are coming together for the fourth annual Cops for Kids with Cancer fundraiser event at Haddad’s Ocean Cafe in Marshfield.

All proceeds from the Nov. 15 event will benefit local families in need of support.

Four-year-old Remy and his family just received a check from the organization to help with expenses while Remy battles leukemia.

“When we first got the diagnosis, it was ‘we don’t need help, we don’t need that, there’s other people that have it worse,'” Julie Santos, Remy’s mother, said. “The further you get, you realize you do because there’s so much unknown.”

Remy and his family also received the royal treatment with officers, many of them off duty, came to pick up Remy at his home.

“I went in the chief’s car with all my cousins and Maddie and I was sitting next to the chief,” Remy said.

Remy was diagnosed with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia back in May, just before his fourth birthday.

“What was sad when he was diagnosed, it was confusing for him,” Santos said. “He’s never had a cold really in four years and all of a sudden he’s in the hospital for a month.”

“It’s hard to mentally grasp the expenses that start right away,” Barry Tufts, Remy’s father, said.

Cops for Kids with Cancer are looking out for families like Remy’s, so parents can focus on looking out for their children.

Remy’s parents say his prognosis looks good and he refuses to slow down. When he grows up, he wants to be a police officer, then a firefighter.

“I want to stay a kid tomorrow,” Remy said. “And I can just have all my mac and cheese.”

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