A wedding photographer who ran away from 7News cameras after we asked him about dozens of wedding videos he never delivered on ran into trouble with state prosecutors Massachusetts attorney general Martha Coakley is taking the Millbury business to court … Saying he owes couples tens of thousands of dollars. 7’s Hank Philippi Ryan first uncovered this story months ago. Here’s the latest on her investigation.

When we tried to ask Jesse Clark about his wedding photography business last year—- why so many newlywed couples told us he took their money for videos he never produced–Clark pushed me aside, knocked over a photographer and headed for the hills.

But here’s someone he can’t run from–the states attorney general. Martha Coakley now announcing–she’s filed this lawsuit against Clark–saying the wedding photographer personally orchestrated and engaged in the unfair or deceptive conduct.

“Were hopeful that with today’s actions we can get compensation for couples and we can more importantly recover those videos and those memories that have been lost,” said Coakley.

Lots of unhappy newlyweds had told us Clark charged them for wedding videos–but produced nothing. Coakley says she got at least 84 complaints totally more than $75 000, including from these newlyweds who have some of their own still photos–but no video.

“We’d like to eventually show our future children our first dance. I’d love to see my wife walk down that aisle again and I just hope eventually we can get out wedding video back,” said Ryan Baldner, a groom.

Coakley’s  lawsuit says Clark–and his wife and one employee–consistently failed to do what they had promised, gave consumers “false excuses,” and never provided the promised refunds or wedding DVDs. Coakley wants the court to freeze all Clarks assets..and order him to pay the couples back.. and stop doing any business related to weddings in Massachusetts ever again.

“They have not made any effort to act in good faith or act in accordance with Massachusetts law,” said Coakley.

We tried to contact Jesse Clark–but he did not return our repeated calls. If you lost money with this photography studio, the AG wants to know about it. Tell her here.

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