Update: Everett Street Signs

Soon after 7News showed viewers the faded, sun-bleached illegible signs on the streets of Everett, suddenly some were replaced. Now two city officials are saying “some” is not good enough.

“To be honest, I watched your story and it was alarming to me,” said Councilor Michael MacLaughlin.

“It’s clearly a problem across the city,” said Alderman Robert VanCampen.

MacLaughlin and VanCampen took a tour of their city and did not like what they saw. And really didn’t like that people were getting ticketed and towed.

“It’s very simple. You cannot continue to ticket and keep people held accountable on something they’re not properly told about,” said MacLaughlin.

Though no one in the mayor’s office would go on camera to talk to 7News, they did admit they had several thousand new signs and would replace them as soon as they could.

Now the unhappy gentlemen are demanding city bigwigs get on it even faster.

“Find the time. Find the manpower…bottom line is the signs need to be resolved and resolved quickly,” said MacLaughlin.

Monday’s city council meeting where they said they'd demand answers from the mayor, the parking clerk and the Department of Public Works must have gone well.

7News learned that several thousand new, clearly readable signs, letting people know about street cleaning and parking rules will be put up by last weekend in July.