Ups and Downs – Snow to Rain

Cold enough for you?  We were setting records like it was our JOB!  In fact, the temperature in Boston dropped to -4 just before midnight last night, which means it was a record low not just for Valentine’s Day, but also for the 13th of February!  

So here’s a rundown of SOME of the records that were set with this bitter blast, bringing us the COLDEST air we’ve had since 1957:

*  2/13 record low set for both Boston, hitting -4.  Old record low temp for 2/13 was -3 in 1967.

*  2/14 record lows set for Boston (-9) and Worcester (-16).  Old record for BOS was -3 in 1934 and the old record for ORH was -11 in 1979.

*  It was a cold afternoon, too.  Did you notice?  It’s very likely that we also broke records for the coldest MAX temp for today.  Boston only made it to 11° (old record 14° in 1916) and Worcester only made it to 7° (tied record of 7° from 1979).

Are you bored yet?  We know it was cold, and it will be COLD again tonight.  With light winds and clear skies, our temps that failed to warm today will once again drop below 0 in most locations.  So, what’s the difference from our "dangerous cold" of last night?  Well, the winds have been diminishing throughout the day – so we won’t have to factor in those ridiculous wind chill readings tonight.  

It was cold – Now, it’s on to the next.

Our next system moves in starting tomorrow, and collides with some of the leftover cold.  Temps in the afternoon will top out in the mid to upper 20s for most, and by 6pm, we could be seeing some snowflakes.  This system is coming in from the SW and the track is cutting to our west – So, as usual, this won’t be a big snow-maker for us.  However, the key here is that there is still cold that doesn’t want to move out.  A Winter Weather Advisory has been posted for Monday afternoon through early Tuesday morning.  This is for the potential of a coating to 2" of snow for some locations, as well as sleet and freezing rain (see graphic below).

Here’s my thinking on the timeline here:  Temps are in the upper 20s as snow showers start to work in from the south around 6 or 7pm.  Temps continue to rise as we move through the evening, but where the cold lingers (around Route 2 – and other "usual suspects") there could be some sleet and freezing rain.  I think the best chance for this will be an hour on either side of midnight.  Temps continue to climb in the overnight hours, and by daybreak Tuesday we’re near 40°!  Then, we’re just talking rain and wind.  This could be around an inch of rain for most of us.  Whatever snow does fall and accumulate, will be washing away into puddles come Tuesday.  Highs on Tuesday will be around 50°!  What a roller coaster ride we’re in for!

If you have the day off tomorrow, enjoy yourself.  Looks like a great day to ski!  – Breezy