A Rhode Island family making a desperate plea for the return of their grandmother’s ashes.

They were stolen just hours after they said their final goodbye at her funeral.  

“She was diagnosed with cancer and fought through it as long as she could. And passed recently on the seventh of august,” Anthony Pellon said.

The last few days have been tough for Anthony Pellon and his sister Danni. On Thursday, they said goodbye to their grandmother, Yolanda Ayala.

“She was a nice lady, she was in the army until 1961. Nana Yoyo is what she goes by,” Danni Pellon said.

Before retiring Nana Yoyo lived in Newport, it’s where she raised her children.

Her grandchildren made the trip from Virginia to have her funeral in the Ocean State.

Hours after the ceremony, Anthony had to deal with another blow.

“Last night at like 11:30, I went outside to the car to grab something and the box out there it was in was empty,” he said.

It was stolen while he and his sister were staying at a hotel in Warwick.  

The Pellons say the miniature urn was small enough to fit in your hand and had cubic zirconia on top; the gem looks like a diamond.

Police say witnesses saw a silver Mazda driving around the hotel parking lot, possibly looking for unlocked cars.

Anthony thinks he locked his car, but is unsure considering everything that was going on. He now, just wants his grandmothers ashes returned.

“We don’t want to press any charges or anything, we just want it back,” she said.

The family wants the person who took the urn, to just let someone know where it is so it can be returned safely.

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